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Acupressure is a natural way of relieving stress, anxiety, depression and pain while potentially avoiding drugs and surgery. The mystical "bed of nails" has been used by yogis and gurus for thousands of years in India for relaxation, meditation and pain relief. 

The way it works is the pressure of the mat activates the body's own production of endorphins, "natural pain killers", which are also released during exercise. When laying on this mat, another substance released is oxytocin which enhances relaxation. You wind down and find it easier to fall asleep. Many people also say they feel more energetic and have a feeling of heightened happiness after a session on the Lotus Mat.

The Lotus Mat and Pillow are a symbol of quality and were designed for better results and to last longer than typical brands.  To achieve this level of exceptional quality, our Lotus Mat and Pillow are sourced directly from India.  They were created with guidance received from the traditional Buddhist monks along with textile experience spanning over 20 years.  That's what makes The Best Lotus Mat and Pillow THE BEST.  

Lotus Mat Specifications:

+ 8,820 points of pressure from 210 beautiful, non-toxic, Lotus flowers (do not contain BPA)
+ 100% cotton canvas base, not a synthetic fabric
+ Large size, 18" x 30"
+ Zippered closure designed to last
+ No glue used in production
+ Matching pillow
+ Created and imported from India 
+ Embroidered Lotus Fitness and Wellbeing logo representing the deep spiritual meaning of the Lotus flower and yoga position, a symbol of exquisite quality.

How to use the Lotus Mat:

Simply lay the mat and pillow on your bed and rest on the mat's lotus-shaped stimulators. 

Like yoga and meditation, acupressure begins with discomfort. As you learn to let go and invite the pressure in, you're rewarded with deep and restorative relaxation. 

This is what you can expect…

The first minute: Uncomfortable! You want to jump up and resist

Minute 1 - 2 : Your blood is moving to the acupressure points -- take deep breaths and focus on your breathing

Minutes 2 - 4: minute: Your skin begins to tingle on the Lotus flowers

Minutes 4 - 6: The tingling and relaxation seeps into your muscles

Minutes 6 - 10: Relaxation begins and you feel the warmth move over your body

Minutes 10 - 20: Your mind and body becomes calm and the restorative and relaxation Lotus state is at its deepest.

Tip: Everyone has a different threshold so if in the beginning the first minutes are too intense, you can wear a t-shirt. Later, to increase the intensity, you can place the mat on a firmer surface like the floor. 

There is no limit to the amount of time you can use the mat and you should see results from in as little as a 15 minute session.

Many enjoy listening to meditation or music to increase relaxation.

The Best Lotus Mat and Pillow

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